Android vs iOS

5 reasons shows Android is better than Apple’s

Android vs ios – differences and benefits

Android vs iOS.

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are an operating system. that used primarily in mobile technology, such as mobile, Tablets.

Android has the device with the different version. that every person can buy Android devices according to their financial status,

After every year Android updates their devices version, it shows  that Android goes to challenge iOS, After some year Android may take down the iOS company, But iOS company also working hard to improve their fans, and send their devices to all foreign country, iOS also can take down the Android company, if iOS should make devices according to financial status of the third world country, there is  a big challenge for Android vs iOS company,

when you are going to buy smartphone and tablet, you should choose your smartphone and tablet system carefully.

Because both systems ( Android vs iOS ) have their own problems, For Example. Both devices have the storage problem, like, iPhone 4 and 5 has less storage and you can’t add extra storage, But in Android devices, you can add extra storage according to the version of the device.

iOS also has the different version, you can choose the best version of the device. iOS vs Android both are one of the biggest software company in the world.

Android It is used by several smartphones and tablets. Examples include the Sony Xperia, the Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Nexus One.

What does iOS mean?

Basically! iOS is truncated way of saying iPhone operating system.


advantages of android over ios


1. Android has microSD card support

Storage of devices is big problem for customer because when you choose a mobile to buy it, first thing, that we think it should have more space or storage, when we want to buy an apple or iOS device we need to choose one of the following storage; 16 GB, 32 GB,64 GB,128 GB or 248 GB. And all of this storage is not available for all version of apple but if you should buy an Android device we can add extra or more SD Card storage for all version of Android.

Android is giving you the opportunity to add extra SD Card storage When the SD Card gets full. You can get out the SD Card and change to a new one, every time if you should want you can add more SD Card storage for your Android device, but the iOS is not giving you the opportunity to add extra SD card.



Sometimes you face a problem that your mobile battery has been destroyed, but if you should use Android devices you can buy a new battery for your mobile or tablet. But if you should use iOS you need to change your mobile or tablet or no you should give that for PCO or someone who change that but Android gives you the opportunity to change your mobile battery with then some minutes or you can buy a new one and yourself as well can fix or change that.

The Android battery can be found in everywhere but iOS cannot be found or can’t change everyone.


Android has a universal charger .everywhere you can find Android charger. example.

when we are going on a journey we may forget our mobile charger or somewhere that should be far away from the city.

and we are checking our mobile charge. and we see that our mobile has a low charge. if we should use Android device. we can find a charger for charging our mobile but if we should use an iOS device. we can’t find a charger for our mobile easily, because iOS devices have a different charger. and we can’t use every charger for every device.

4. Prices to fit your needs


In first world country mostly lives rich people, and they are using iOS and Android both, and in the second world, the country is also better. but in the third world country is living poor people. and every one of them can’t buy iOS devices because of their financial status. but Android devices have the price that fit everyone needs.

5. Launchers

iOS devices cover looks well. But Android devices also have good cover. and Android devices lets us design or give better look for your mobile using launchers. it is also good because everyone loves to gives look for their own mobile device.

if you should use Android device. you have the opportunity to give simple look or better look for your mobile.

5 more reason and benefits of android

More free apps and games are available     for Android
Multi-tasking in Android
A back button for Android
On most Android phones, you can swipe down from the top of the screen to get shortcuts to a bunch of settings
Wireless/fast charging - Update: The iPhone X now has the ability to be wirelessly charged - several years after Android had it.

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