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Best 5 Online Storage Apps For IOS And Android

Top 5 Online Storage Apps For IOS And Android

there is a lot of online storage apps, nowadays storage is a big problem for smartphones like; iPhone 4 that has 16 GB memory and we can’t add extra SD Card to our mobile. so there is online storage app for adding extra storage. by using online storage app. we can manage or store our photos, videos, documents, and files.

nowadays we take more photos, videos, and we are saving lots of offline video for watching later, so there we can use online storage apps for saving offline videos and taking more photos.

by using the apps we can manage and store all our photos, videos, files, document and music securely.

we love to take more photos and we love to share that with our friends.

if your mobile doesn’t have more storage after this don’t be worry about.

there we suggest you some online storage apps that are secure and works correctly.

Best 5 online storage apps for android and ios


1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a storage app, and it is one of the best online cloud storage app for Android and iOS users. it is the best place to keep your photos, videos, documents, and files secure. it allows you to send large files to anyone at any time, and you can also access your file anytime from any device.

It offers in-app purchases for Dropbox Pro which includes 1TB ( 1000 GB ) of storage with some extra and advanced features.

Download from play store

Download from itunes


2. Apple icloud

online storage app

Apple icloud, from their name  is known that commenly used for iOS, and icloud drive is just using to back up your photos and videos. an icloud drive is using for phone and ipad. and also it is one of the best online storage app. icloud drive is giving just 5 GB free and gives more option to buy more storage as well. it is secure and you can use it to back up your photos and videos from every phone.

                 Download from play store


3. Box

Box is  free for Android and iOS users, and allows you to manage or store your photos, videos, document, and files. it is secure and you can share your file with anyone. and you can access to your file anytime from any smartphone, and PC. and it gives 10 GB storage for free.

                   Download from play store

                   Download from itunes


4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a secure online storage app, which allows you to share and manage all your photos and videos, audios, and files. Google Drive is most popular app. and it gives you 15 GB storage and for more storage, you should  pay money .

                    Download from play store

                    Download from itunes 


5. Mediafire

mediafire is a free and easy to use, it allows you to share your all photos and videos with your family member and friends securely.when you are uploading your photos and videos and all your files after that you can access to your all files and can back up from any phone at any time. You will have access of 12 GB free space and can earn up to 50 GB easily to stream video and movies.

                     Download from play store

                     Download from itunes


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