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World at 2099 New Technology

Future Technology of 2099, So nowadays technologies are improving and if we see it everywhere we see technology, and the question is how technology will destroy all the world?, so today I tell you how technology will destroy the world and how the world is improving by technology. till now do you think what will happen with the future of the world, what will happen with world at 2099, some peoples says that world will be finished after a few years later, And today I am going to tell you what will happen with the future of the world in 2099 ,what do you think what will happen in 2099?. will humans destroy the world by technology?, human are improving the technology day by day and we think that this improvement is good for human and technology simple our work.

So now the question is “how Future Technology will destroy our world?

Ray Kurzweil is an America Author, inventor, and futuristic researcher Which, in most cases, has guessed the technology of the world right, In his books, the status of technology would predict the world by 2099  like this:

what will be in the future world at 2099

  • 2019; “goodbye to personal computers and computer peripherals. Cable and intruder wires.”


  • 2020; nowadays, if we don’t know about something at first we search it on the internet and trying to find it with internet or technology, “improving the self-computer and compare it with a power of the mind, things that increase from the mind of humans it will be terrific .”

self computer

  • 2021; “The wireless access to 85% of the globe”

  • 2022;”The establishing Human Behavior and Robots Laws in the United States and Europe and Determining the Tasks and Conditions of the Robots’ Activity”.

latest technology


  • 2024; “Forcing computer intelligence in cars and not letting the rear of the car without artificial intelligence, think that you set in the car and tell it to go this way and it says that you do not understand, I know for myself where to go to get up early.”

  • 2025; “The formation of large markets of artificial organs of the human body”.

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  • 2026; “The extending life to members every second with the advancement of science and technology”

  • 2027; The widespread use of robots, such as refrigerators and coffee makers, is a common tool in every day of our life”

  • 2028;” So the cheap and accessible solar energy for the inhabitants of the planet”

  • 2029;” The smart computers in the framework of human brain modeling”

  • 2031;” The use of three-dimensional organs for the production of organs in all hospitals”


  • 2032; So by using nanobots in medical science by removing waste from the body to accurately scan the brain to discover its secrets.”

  • 2034; “The first human meeting with artificial intelligence”

  • 2036;” The use of computer programming methods for cell programming and treatment of the disease”.

cell devision

  • 2038;”The emergence of humanoid robots with well-equipped intelligence think that robots are wiser than us what will happen?”



  • 2039;”Direct planting of nano-machines in the brain and entering humans into the virtual world without any device, then the intelligence work will be easy to rob any kind of information form your mind.


  • 2040;The Planting a search engine in a human body and seeing search results on linseed or special glasses.

tech glasses

  • 2041;”Increase Internet power 500 times, So you can enjoy the media life better then today.

internet speed


  • 2042; “The first human immortality of the Army of Nano-Bots is to help the body’s defense system and treat all kinds of diseases anywhere.”

  • 2044:”The ability of non-biological intelligence is billions of times higher than human intelligence”


  • 2045:”So The era of singularity or irreversibility of technology, the whole of the Earth will become a supercomputer”
Future Technology
Future Technology

Future technology will continue to progress until 2099, and this year alone technology will take over the entire planet.

world technology future 2099
world technology future 2099


These predictions always take place, and some do not agree, but consider the 10-year before, what happened and what progress has been made in technology, and most importantly, the pace of progress has been much higher than before, and Extends exponentially.

Future Technology
Future Technology

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