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How to Check HP Battery Health (New Method)

So, you notice when your mobile work so, slow. When you use mobile and Battery Health is finishing and do not work. All of the electronic things have Battery Health. When you do not care about your laptop battery and in the future we get a lot of problems. This old mobile does not see Battery Health. When you buy a new mobile-first you see the Battery Health. Nowadays all mobile have Battery Health. When your mobile Battery is destroyed then it does not work. So. there is a lot of methods to Check Battery Health. please you can only 100% person charge. At the Night you do not charge yourself because it destroys your Battery Health. In this article, I want to show you How to Check HP Battery Health (New Method).

So, there are a lot of methods to Check HP Battery Health (New Method). The Battery Health gives power to the laptop. Nowadays all people use mobile and destroy Battery Health. HP battery check is a software bundle that helps to verify the status of onboard Laptop Battery Health. If you can check your Battery Health see this article. The windows 10 Battery Health breaks the weather. The most important thing in Battery Health found the modern laptop degrade as they are used. Battery Health was introduced with laptop 11.3 back in 2018. With Battery Health we get information Battery is coping with usage.

How to Check HP Battery Health (New Method)

Step 1: Open the windows and search HP Support Assistant and open that.

Open The HP Support Assistant.

Step 2: When your HP Support Assistant is open and click on the device and again click on the My notebook.

Choose your device.

Step 3: Click on the Troubleshooting and Fixes and click on the Battery Check.

Check HP Battery Health (New Method)
Check Your Battery Health.

Step 4: Then check the battery life of your HP Laptop.

Check HP Battery Health (New Method)
Wait For Test Progress

Step 5:  When the battery testing process is completed and you see my Battery Health is good now.

Check HP Battery Health (New Method)
You See My Battery Health is Ok.

Step 6: You see that my laptop is Ok Battery Health.

Signing off…

Save the Battery Health of our laptop. I hope you form this article what you can learn. In this article, I will explain How to Check HP Battery Health (New Method). Do not use mobiles all of the day because it destroys Battery Health. So, If you are facing a problem so leave a comment in the comment section down below.

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