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How to Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

How to Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

Most people use a touchpad and this usable and useless and some people use their mouse pointer touchpad used in a laptop in 1990. The laptop touchpad has two buttons that are the right button and the left button. The first touchpad launched on the Powerbook and MacBook laptop. A touchpad is a small, flat surface over which the user moves his fingers. It is also a trackpad. Touchpad commonly used with a notebook computer. If you want to turn off your touchpad so follow these tips and tricks. From this tutorial, you will learn How to Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

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Method 1: How to Disable touchpad From Setting

Windows 10 has the ability to turn off and on your touchpad. If you want directly to turn off the touchpad. If you want to disable the touchpad so follow these tips and disable.


Step 1. Open your start menu.

Step 2. Click on the setting.

Open Setting

Step 3. When you click on the setting then click on the devices.

Click on The Devices

Step 4. After that click on the touchpad.

Click on The Touchpad

Step 5. Then click on the toggle and turn off toggle.

Disable Touchpad in Windows 10
Turn Off The Toggle

Method 2: Disable your Touchpad From Device Manager

Every laptop has a device manager from device manager you turn off your touchpad easily if you want to disable your touchpad you to do this You can disable the device that is connected to your computer.

Step 1. Right-click on the Start menu then click on the device manager.

Disable Touchpad in Windows 10
Click on The Device Manager

Step 2. Next, find mice and other pointing devices.

Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

Step 3. Then double click on other pointing devices after that right-click on the first on then disable.

Method 3: Use Touchpad Blocker To Disable Touchpad

The touchpad blocker only blocks during typing which is enough to prevent the curser from involuntary jumping.  The big advantage this tool has over the others is there some useful configuration options so you can at least set a few things up to your liking.

Step 1. Open the website of the touchpad blocker then click on download.

Download Touchpad Blocker.

Step 2. Set up your touchpad blocker and configure all of your preferences for the program.

Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

Three useful methods were explained on How to Disable Touchpad in Windows 10. You can use any of the methods to disable touchpad in Windows 10. If you have any questions related to this then feel free to comment in the comment section down below. Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

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