How to Free up Space on Android Phone

How to Free up Space on Android Phone

When we use an android phone so we can install a new app from the play store. In a day so many application comes in your store then the others application you like then your installed it when you are installing application then your storage full. Some time your an android phone storage was finish so you can not install games, video clips, movies, and pictures. If you want to free up your space you need to follow these tips and tricks once you follow these tips and tricks then in your android phone no issues of storage space. This is a hidden folder the other people they don’t know about this hidden file because this hidden file eats your space. From this tutorial, you will learn How to Free up Space on Android Phone.

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How to Free up Space on Android Phone

Step 1. First of all, go to the play store download ES File Explorer File Manager.

Step 2. Once your download is done then open the ES File Explorer File Manager after that click on the three-line.

Step 3. When you click on the three-line then scroll down then find Show Hidden File after that on the option.

Stp 4. However, you are on the option then find the DCIM file once you find then click on this.

Step 5. Basically, When your click on the DCIM file then you will see a file after that open the file then delete the picture, video clip, movie.

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It was all about How to Free up Space on Android Phone. In your android phone delete your unused application that maybe affects your storage. Once your storage is full then do the previous tips and tricks. If you are facing a problem so leave a comment in the comment section down below


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