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How to Hide Desktop Icon on Mac (2021)

How to Hide Desktop Icon on Mac (2021)

Nowadays we can hide the desktop icon on mac windows android and iPhone. It is easy to hide Mac apps without actually uninstalling them, although there are some caveats when it comes to Apple’s built-in apps. You can also hide a Mac app from the Terminal and Hidden Me. it is the most convenient and visible spot for our files. You can Hide or Unhide Your Desktop icons on a Mac Osx Using the Terminal. There are two ways to Hide an app on a Mac computer. There is a time that you would like to hide everything and then there are times that you want your icon to appear. Now, as you can see my mac looks messy and looks very unorganized. We also look to hide all App except the one you are actively using. So, In this article, I want to show you How to Hide Desktop Icon on Mac (2021)

How to Hide Desktop Icon on Mac (2021)

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Step 1: First open your Mac computer then lunch Terminal Use Spotlight Search to find and open it.

Launch Terminal app on Mac Using Spotlight


Step 2: Now, you can copy the command and then paste it.

defaults write com. apple. finder CreateDesktop -bool false

Type the second Hide command in Mac Terminal App

Step 3: Next up, hit the Enter key and then Check out the desktop.

Hit The Enter key And Then Check Out The Desktop.

Step 4: Now, the desktop app is hidden with Terminal.

Use Hidden Me to hide desktop icons on Mac

Step 1: First, download the Hidden Me on your Mac computer and then lunch it and click on the Get.

Install HiddenMe App on Mac

Step 2: Now, look for a circle icon in the menu bar and click on the Hide Desktop Icons.

Select Hide Desktop Icons in Mac Hidden Me App

Step 3: click on the circle icon and then click on the Show Desktop Icons

Click On The Show Desktop Icons

Step 4: Now, the icon will hide on mac with hidden Me.

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Signing off…

I will show you to hide an app Mac. Step By Step to Hide Desktop App on Mac (2021). So, It is all about How to Hide Desktop Icon on Mac (2021). so, there is a one-way to Hide Desktop Icon on Mac (2021). Lastly, if you have faced any kind of problem while following the steps then do not hesitate to leave comments in the comment section below.

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