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In-shot Inc App Video Editor Info in Android

InShot The Best Video Editor And Photo Editor For Android

Video Editor and Photo Editor, The best application for editing videos and photos in mobile phones, It are so easy to use and it has lots of tools that you want to use them in your video or photo while editing them.

InShot Inc Can Edit Your Video and Photos With More Than 12 Tools For Editing

InShot Inc. is an Android developer that has been active since 2011. The current app portfolio contains 20 apps. In the Google rankings, InShot Inc.’s apps appear in the top 100 in more than 10 countries. A popular app is Video Editor Music, Cut, No Crop, which is highly ranked in several countries and, with over 50 million installs, is one of the most popular apps in Google Play.

Here is The Download Link For The Andriod Device

Or you can download it from Appstore, Just search Inshot in the search bar of the app store to download it like the below photos.














After the downloading open it and here is the instructions to use the tools

Maybe video editing is very important for your work so watch carefully and follow the instructions

How to Use Inshot Video Editor

The Inshot app has 12 tools for video editing so let’s start how to use them.

1. TRIM: This tool is used to cut the video and make it small.

2. FIT: This tool is to show the full size of the video and makes it fit to the screen.

3. BLUR BG: This tool is used to blur the video background you can control the blur with this tool.


4. FILTER: This tool is used to filter your video, it has many filters for your video editing and there are some filters that you can buy and some filters free.In this tool, there is two more tools by the names of  EFFECT and ADJUST.

Video editor

Video editor














EFFECT is used to add effects to your video to get a better look for your video.



5. MUSIC: Sometimes may you want to add extra sounds to your video so you can use this tool, it is used to add extra sounds or music to your video.

6. SPEED: This tool is used to control the speed of the video.

7. Crop: May you know that this tool is used for cropping the video from its borders.

8. Sticker: This software is cool and they have added the sticker tool as well, On this app, you can add your favorite stickers by just on clicking.

9. TEXT: This tool is a simple tool which is used to add extra text on your video that you can use it for guiding the audience in your videos.

10. BACKGROUND: This tool is used to add any color to your video background.

11. ROTATE: This tool is used to Rotate your video.

12. FLIP: This tool is used to Flip your video and make it cool.














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