How to use Shareit for your PC or on Your Mobile Phones

Transfer files from PC to Phone, Shareit is the app which you can transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, apps and some more data from one device to the other device without USB cable and with the help of Wi-Fi compatible it is too much easy and fast to share your data between your friends.

Thies application is from Lenovo that allows Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices to share their data from one device to many devices, and now it is available in 39 languages which include English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and some more.


Shareit The Transfer/Sharing Tool between PC and Mobile Phones.

Here is the official website of shareit from you can download the file for your device.

Click Here To Download Shareit For Your Device

How To Install Shareit on Your PC

1.  First, download the app setup for you PC latest version from the link from the above text.

2. Open the app setup.

3. You will see some information about the app read and press Accept button.

4.  Now you can change the installation place for the app by clicking on the Browse button then after choosing the place press the Next button on the screen.

5. Now you will get a new page, click Next and then it will be installed on your PC.

6.  You can click on the empty box and open the app now and then click Finish button.

7. Now you have installed Shareit successfully on your PC and now you can open it and use it.

How to use Shareit on Mobile Devices.

1. Install it on your device

2. Connect both devices which you want to share files between in one Wi-Fi or you can use hotspot of your mobile phone.

3. Now open it on your device and click on the send or receive button on the top of the screen of your device.


4. Now choose what you want to share with your friends.

5. Now if you both are connected to one Wi-Fi then you will get the other device Icone on the radar of your screen.

6. Click on the Icone and now your data is transferring to the other device which you selected.


How to use Shareit to Transfer Files From PC to Phone

Download Shareit For Your PC From Here

Thier is the easiest way to Transfer files from PC to Phone without any internet or any USB cable.

Install it on your PC (like I show the way of installing it in the above texts) and mobile device, and you must connect both PC and your mobile in one Wi-Fi device.

1.  Open the app on your PC and the mobile device both.

2.  Now click on the Show Qr Code on your PC screen.

3.  And open shareit on your mobile phone and click on the receive or send button.

4. Now select the data which you want to share it and then click on the down left side of the screen to scan the Qr Code.

Transfer files from PC to Phone

5. Now your data is going to transfer to the other device which you selected.

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