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using 100% of our mind

what happens if human use 100% of their mind?

So what happens if human use 100% of their mind, Since the human brain was one of the reasons for progress, I tried to define strength and ability of the brain today, Do you know how much brain capacity is, or how much we use percent of our brains?.


what happens if human use 100% of their mind

what happens if human use 100% of their mind,So Perhaps you’ve even heard that our brain is exactly like an ultra-advanced computer, which we, unfortunately, use only 10% of the power of this supercomputer, this does not mean that we only use one point of our brains, exactly we use the whole brain, but 10% of its ability. Today, I talk about what happens if someone can use 100% of his brain power or ability. Using 100% of brain power, humans became a superhuman and unrecognizable power, let’s start. What would you do if you used 10% of your 20% brain?

  • Now imagine what would happen if humans use 20% of their brain, Using 20% of our brain power. we could 10 times smarter than the elite people of the world.the power of human learning multiplied, so at high speed, human beings learn everything that they see and hear, and everyone was amazed by this great ability, and could have overcome fear, and could have 100% Pentacles use her body. A general overview of issues was found to be a solution to any problem, Using 20% of the human brain power would be able to do several things, And even able to write two simultaneous hands at same time. In a sentence I summarize, using 20% of the human brain to become the new genius on the world.


So Maybe you ask yourself if people could use their 30% of the brain.


  • If you can use your 30% of the brain, You were able to learn all the languages of the world with one hearing.  you could run any kind of production without joining to music classes, and there was no problem in the world that you did not have a solution, you could establish a strong connection with your body. And before you get sick, you could diagnose it without going to a doctor and do tests.
  • Now, what would happen if we use our 50% of the brain. by using 50% brain human could control the other human by using their mind power and can read their mind and, The secret and thought of no one hiding him. and could have had his body with 100% contact, could control others body, and affect them, and could have overcome the gravity of the earth and flew to the heavens. Yes it’s unbelievable but humans could hack the Electronic devices and by the brain can control that device.
  • Now, what would happen if human use 100% of their brain, by using 100% of brain people could change Thoughts to reality and could control humans, things, and e.t.c.


By knowing our self-ability we can make our future, and it’s not important how much we use our mind, the important thing is that much power we have which things could we get.

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