Windows 10 Best Shortcut Keys that you Must to Know Them

Windows 10 Best Shortcut Keys, Hey there are the top and best for windows computers and laptops. They are really advance and if you are a company working so you must to know them and it will be too much use for your daily documents work. It helps you to know much better about your windows computer or even your own computer.

Shortcut keys:

Shortkeys are going to give to your work speed and make it easy to be done in just a second. It is the combination of some two or more than two keyboard button. You can remember them and use them whenever you need it. It will work and you will not be compelled to touch the mouse and just do your documents work easily.

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Windows 10 Best Shortcut Keys to Use Daily in Document Works and Other Works

Here are the table of cheats and its job.

Press This Combination If you Want to Do This
Ctrl + X Cut the selected item
Ctrl + C Copy the selected item
Ctrl + V Past the copied or cut item
Ctrl + Z Undo the action
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + D ( or Press Delete button) Delete the selected item and move it to the recycle bin
Ctrl + R Refresh the current tab you have on your screen
Ctrl + Y Redo the action
Windows logo key  + L Lock your pc account
Windows + D Minimize all the window and shows you the screen
Alt + Enter Will open the Properties for the selected item
Alt + Page Up Will get you to the top of the window
Alt + Page Down Will get you to the last of the page
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open the windows task manager
Shift + Delete Delete the selected item directly and it will not move to the recycle bin
Windows + A Opens the Action center
Windows + G Open game  bar
Windows + I Opens settings
Windows + O Lock device orientation
Windows + R Opens run
Windows + S Open search box
Alt + F4 Close the current windows
Ctrl + F Open search box on browser

Download Full of the Shortcut keys For Windows 10 PDF Format

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