Autonomous cars - worktutorial

Autonomous Cars Future Technology

Autonomous Cars Replacing human driven cars with fully autonomous vehicles cars will take 30 years or more. The new technology of the world.


Autonomous cars


Autonomous cars

On the latest episode of Record Decode, hosted by Kra Swisher, Urmsone warn that one of the dangers for early self-driving-car users will be becoming false comfortable with the safety of it. This is especially true as an intermediary form of the technology-assisted driving becomes more common.

recode decode - worktutorial                                                                                  Maybe it works perfectly every day for a month” he said. The next day, it may not work. But their experience now is, this jobs, So they are not prepared to take over. Their ability to save it and monitor it decays with time But when we think about the rate at which bad things happen, they’re very low.In America, somebody dies in a car accident about 1.15 times per 100 million miles,” Urmson added. “That’s like 10,000 years of an average person’s driving. Let’s say the technology is pretty good but not that good, someone dies once every 50 million miles, we’re going to have twice as many accidents and fatalities on the road, on average”.

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Benefits: The potential benefits work of these cars include lowering infrastructure costs, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing crime, crime and traffic collisions, low insurance requirements, and anticipating that independent cars will increase traffic flow and E.T.C…

Autonomous cars - worktutorial

problems: The spite of the various potential benefits to increased vehicle automation, there are unresolved problems, disputes concerning liability, resistor by individuals to forfeit control of their cars, customer relevance about the security of without a driver cars, pitch of government arrangement,  losses of security concerns, such as hackers or terrorism and etc..

They will solve this problem soon.

Autonomous cars - worktutorial

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